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To operate in the complex and changing regulatory environment of the cannabis and CBD sectors needs constant vigilance. A lack of a harmonised regulatory framework in a market that doesn’t have clear policies and regulations affects the way the market develops, and the products which are successful. Understanding how regulation develops, where the law is going and how this impacts the whole market is a key to finding the next big opportunities in this sector.


We can guide your business through these complex pathways


  • Evaluate the likelihood of products getting through a UK/EU novel food application.
  • Get regular tracking on how the market is adapting to the new regulatory changes.
  • Identify growth opportunities and how future scenarios will affect your business and product portfolio.
  • Understand how regulation in the sector is developing and what future change is likely.


  • Evaluate how new regulations will restrict the sale of different types of CBD products.
  • Understand what product offerings will bring business opportunities based on the changing regulatory environment.
  • Find out the compliance requirements to be able to operate in the market.


  • Track how changing policy is affecting the development of a sustainable consumer CBD sector.
  • Understand what impact the consumer CBD market has for the medical and pharmaceutical cannabis sector.
  • Get the necessary tools to evaluate the market opportunities in each product category within the CBD sector.

Why CBD-Intel?


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    Stop trying to understand what is happening in each country yourself. Get full access to all regulatory events and analysis worldwide in one place.

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    Through a consolidated approach and consistent research across all countries, easily compare regulatory requirements and policies around the globe.

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    Want to get guidance from experts who understand the regulatory intricacies of this sector? Having access to a dedicated legal team adds value to your analysis of upcoming laws.

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    Having a legal team focused on this sector, we have built a consistent and accurate tracking and analysis service to provide you the detail you need to operate strategically in a fast-moving cannabis sector.

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