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Edible and vape IHDC formats take the lead in the US market

20th July 2022 | Infographics |

Intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoids (IHDCs) are a group of psychoactive compounds derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. Some occur naturally in small quantities while others can only be synthesised from more prolific, naturally occurring cannabinoids, from which commercial quantities are always produced through synthetic conversion – most often using CBD

CBD pricing analysis in Europe and the US

28th April 2020 | Infographics |

Although prices can differ depending on the country, currency and economic development, there are some categories that stand out for being more expensive. The CBD-Intel brand and pricing report – a comparison across countries – provides in-depth analysis of the trends and differences for European countries and the US.

US most carried product categories

7th February 2020 | Infographics |

Understand the most important product categories, and which of the top brands are stocking them in the US – a market with one of the widest ranges of product offerings.

US chain and independent stores

14th November 2019 | Infographics |

CBD-Intel has found an overlap in some of the brands stocked by both US chain stores and independent retailer. For the full analysis of chain stores compared with independent stores, see our US in-depth market report here.

Smokable extracts widely available in US

16th October 2019 | Infographics |

Many online US retailers offer smokable CBD extracts compared to the UK, one of the largest European CBD markets, whereas e-liquids are much less prevalent than in the UK. Find out more information in the CBD-Intel market report exploring the large online presence of specialist providers.