Market data / Asia

Medical cannabis retail price tracker

26th October 2023 | Market data |

This interactive and user-friendly dashboard shows the evolution of retail pricing in four of the largest medical cannabis markets in the world – Australia, Germany, Israel, and the UK

Online retailer status: Japan

4th July 2022 | Market data |

This tracker looks at the current status of Japan’s online CBD market, including data relating to the top online retailers engaging with CBD products in the country

CBD-Intel market size database February 2021

3rd March 2021 | Market data |

CBD-Intel’s quarterly market size database is your one-stop source for essential information on the CBD market. Data includes market size estimates for various product categories across two separate market development scenarios

Japan online retailer dashboard

14th January 2020 | Market data |

Welcome to the CBD-Intel tracker of Japan’s online CBD retailers, in which you can find how many of them there are, split by retailer category type, plus the brands and product types that each website stocks.

This easy-to-use dashboard allows you to slice the data according to the filters on the right of each graph.

It enables you to investigate further the prevalence of brands and product types across the online retailer space in Japan. You can even investigate at the individual brand level to see their prevalence across the online space in the country.