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EU environmental tracker, March 2024

25th March 2024

This tracker covers sustainability policy proposals affecting the cannabis and hemp-derived vape sector in the European Union and is updated every month.

CannIntelligence policy tracker

12th March 2024

The CannIntelligence policy tracker provides a centralised location to track the most significant global policy reforms in cannabis

Regulatory tracker: current global regulation of CBD, February

29th February 2024

The CBD regulatory tracker offers a deep analysis of the regulations and proposals in over 50 countries, for nine major regulatory areas: hemp cultivation, processing, flower, extracts, food, cosmetics, vaping, pet food and import/export

US regulatory tracker: proposed state laws, January

24th January 2024

This tracker allows you to track the most relevant and potentially impactful bills from all US states pertaining to hemp, CBD, medical cannabis, and recreational cannabis that have been hand-selected by our analysts based on our daily bill tracking

CBD advertising regulations, February 2023

7th March 2023

CannIntelligence’s CBD advertising regulatory database, presented as an interactive table and updated twice per year, enables you to quickly understand how CBD advertising is regulated in 9 key European markets

Importing and exporting of hemp and CBD in the EU

11th January 2023

This report provides an overview of the applicable framework for the movement of hemp and CBD within the borders of the EU as well as the import and export to and from “third countries”

Global cannabinoid vape compliance database

2nd December 2022

The cannabinoid vape compliance database goes beyond the legality of cannabinoid-containing vaping products and provides regulatory information on how they can reach the market and thrive

Global cannabis stakeholders database

30th November 2022

CannIntelligence’s directory of stakeholders in the global cannabis sector allows you to find the most relevant organisations in key markets, with full web, email, phone and address details.

CBD product labelling – a US state-by-state analysis

14th January 2021

This report details the labelling requirements for CBD products of all US states that have enacted regulations and shows how manufacturers can create a versatile label to satisfy as many states’ regulations as possible