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Regulatory Trackers

US regulatory tracker: proposed state laws, January

Written by Anthony Traurig || 24th January 2024 || Regulatory databases |

This tracker allows you to track the most relevant and potentially impactful bills from all US states pertaining to hemp, CBD, medical cannabis, and recreational cannabis that have been hand-selected by our analysts based on our daily bill...

CBD advertising regulations, February 2023

Written by Pablo Cano Trilla || 7th March 2023 || Regulatory databases |

CannIntelligence's CBD advertising regulatory database, presented as an interactive table and updated twice per year, enables you to quickly understand how CBD advertising is regulated in 9 key European markets ...

Global cannabis stakeholders database

Written by Dmytro Korchahin || 30th November 2022 || Regulatory databases |

CannIntelligence's directory of stakeholders in the global cannabis sector allows you to find the most relevant organisations in key markets, with full web, email, phone and address...