Regulatory Trackers

Global cannabis stakeholders database

Written by Dmytro Korchahin || 30th November 2022 || Regulatory databases |

CannIntelligence's directory of stakeholders in the global cannabis sector allows you to find the most relevant organisations in key markets, with full web, email, phone and address...

CBD advertising regulations, May 2022

Written by Pablo Cano Trilla || 10th May 2022 || Regulatory databases |

CBD-Intel introduces the CBD advertising regulatory database, an interactive table enabling you to quickly understand how CBD advertising is regulated in 9 key European markets — Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the...

CBD US enacted maps historical updates

Written by CannIntelligence || 1st December 2020 || Regulatory databases |

The following is a historical compilation of the updates to the US regulatory tracker: Enacted regulation of CBD maps from September 2020 to present. Click on each date to expand the list of updates for that...