CBD-Intel’s new UK online report highlights a number of interesting market developments. Among them is the information that brand distribution provides. From a dominance perspective, more brands are now being listed for cosmetic than vape products. This shows how cosmetics now have more exposure to the wider population by having a more diverse range of brand offerings along with greater visibility across more traditional retail channels.

Besides cosmetics, oral oils/tinctures are also dominant. CBD-Intel found that there were more oral oil/tincture brands in the health and wellness channel, while, understandably, there are more cosmetic brands in the beauty and cosmetics channel. Interestingly, oral oil/tincture brands are more common in the beauty and cosmetics channel than cosmetic brands in the health and wellness channel, highlighting how widespread oral oil/tincture products are in the wider market.

Overall, not one brand dominated the market. In fact, only 15 out of 420 had a presence in seven or more of the 50 tracked retailers, and not a single brand has a presence in more than 13 retailers. Within a fragmented market such as this, there is an opportunity for any brand to grow, enter new channels and increase market share.

Excluding vape and CBD specialist retail categories, the picture grows even narrower. Only three brands have a presence in seven or more traditional retailers and only one brand – Vitality CBD – can be found in all five traditional retail categories.

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