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Market & Regulation

These are the topics covered during the event

Intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoids

CannIntelligence will provide a unique collaboration of market and regulatory data that covers the explosion of intoxicating hemp- derived cannabinoids, like delta-8 and HHC, in the US and what it means now that these products are popping up in European markets. Speakers Ana Liz Molina, Market analyst Anthony Traurig, Head legal analyst

Medical cannabis: The international framework, challenges, and opportunities

Overview of the global regulation of medical cannabis, current trends, and opportunities on the horizon. CannIntelligence will also highlight some tools that has developed to address the challenges in medical cannabis. Speaker Anthony Traurig, Head legal analyst

Discussions and Q&A

Opportunities in cannabis

Germany legalisation and CBD Novel Foods are understandably the focus of many stakeholders, but there are far more opportunities in cannabis. CannIntelligence will share other opportunities and insights that might not be discussed as much - from CBD in Europe to cannabis in Thailand. Panelists Marija Obradovic, Senior legal analyst Jonathan Darnell, Market analyst Sergi Riudalbàs, Legal analyst Tim Phillips, Managing director (moderator)
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