Media hype about CBD bears no relation to its actual popularity, according to new research. In fact, CBD-Intel found that countries where the fewest people know about CBD have the greatest number of regular users of the cannabis-based substance.

A series of surveys conducted by CBD-Intel showed that those countries with the lowest awareness of CBD – Japan, Germany and France – nevertheless had the greatest percentage reporting daily use. For example in Japan, only 14% of consumers had heard of CBD – but of those who had, 90% took it daily.

It was a similar story in France, where less than a quarter of consumers (23%) had heard of CBD – yet of those who knew of it, 86% used it daily. And in Germany 77% of CBD consumers were daily users, even though only 38% of the population had heard of the cannabinoid.

“The research indicates that perhaps in certain jurisdictions CBD has developed a niche fanatical following,” said Freddie Dawson, CBD-Intel’s head of content. “These users may not be spreading the message – or if they are they certainly are not having much in the way of results – but they are deeply committed to the use of CBD products, indicating that they see results in addressing wellness issues.”

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    This research forms part of CBD-Intel’s ongoing analysis of global consumer CBD markets.

    The surveys took in at least 1000 consumers in each country – with the UK and Germany both topping the 2000 mark. They were conducted earlier this year in the US, UK, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, France and Japan – all important markets for CBD where CBD-Intel has invested time and energy to produce unbeatable market research.


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