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US - Rhode Island: Recreational cannabis dispensaries can begin sales from today, 1st December. Rhode Island legalised recreational cannabis in May.

1st December 2022 - Nevada, North America, United States |

US - Nevada: The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) has issued 20 prospective licences for cannabis consumption lounges that were determined via a lottery of applicants. Ten provisional licences were issued to social equity applicants (applicants who have been convicted of a cannabis offence, had a family member convicted of a cannabis offence, or who lived in an area impacted by a prohibitionist drug policy). Prospective licensees must still pass a suitability investigation by the CCB before their licences will be issued. Another 20 applicants were approved for consumption lounges that must be attached to a licensed operational cannabis dispensary.

1st December 2022 - World |

Global: The UN Conference on Trade and Development has published a report, “Commodities at a glance: Special issue on industrial hemp”, reviewing the opportunities and challenges of hemp and derivates for developing countries, including a review of the market and policy recommendations. It recommends that the “cultivation of non-intoxicant C. sativa L. cultivars should be permitted in all countries even though it may require strict governmental control”. And it argues that “an approach favouring THC threshold in final products, rather than in the field, should be adopted to incentivize a whole-plant approach and uses...Alternatively, raising the THC thresholds in crops up to levels scientifically recognized as non-intoxicant could be envisaged by legislators.”

1st December 2022 - Europe |

EU: In a move that may affect the packaging of hemp/cannabis-derived products, the European Commission yesterday issued a proposal to revise the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. It aims to prevent the generation of packaging waste, reduce it in quantity, and ensure that all packaging is recyclable as well as to increase the use of recycled plastics in packaging. The proposal will now be considered by the European Parliament and the Council, following the normal EU legislative procedure.

30th November 2022 - North America, Ohio, United States |

US - Ohio: State lawmakers are interested in passing medical cannabis reform, as committees in the state House of Representatives debate Senate Bill 261, press reportsSB 261 was passed by the Senate last December and would make major reforms to Ohio's medical cannabis programme by creating a new regulatory agency the Division of Marijuana Control increasing the number of medical cannabis dispensaries, and expanding qualifying conditions for doctors to prescribe cannabis for to include those “that the patient’s symptoms may reasonably be expected to be relieved from medical marijuana”. The legislative session ends at the end of December.

30th November 2022 - Europe, Germany |

Germany: Health minister Karl Lauterbach is expected to commission a scientific report to convince the EU Commission that legalising recreational cannabis will push back the black market without increasing consumption, press reports. He said confidential talks with EU officials had shown that very good arguments would be needed to convince them of the benefits of legalisation. Lauterbach added that the draft law is expected to be ready by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

30th November 2022 - Czech Republic, Europe |

Czech Republic: Jindřich Vobořil, the national coordinator for drug policy, hopes to present a bill to regulate the recreational cannabis market at the beginning of next year, media reports. Vobořil estimates that the change could bring in about CZK4bn (€164m) a year to fund preventive programmes and treatment support.

29th November 2022 - Mexico, North America |

Mexico: A court in Sonora has granted a citizen’s petition and ordered the Federal Commission for the Protection against Public Health Risks (Cofepris) to issue a permit to consume and cultivate recreational cannabis for personal use, press reports. No commercial activity is allowed under the order (called an amparo). While the regulatory landscape for cannabis in Mexico is very unsettled, the courts continue to grant amparos to companies and individuals for cannabis-related activities.

29th November 2022 - Canada, North America |

Canada - Manitoba: bill has been introduced that would eliminate the “social responsibility” tax on cannabis sales in Manitoba, which is currently 6%, imposed on cannabis retailers. The provincial government is in discussions with federal authorities to piggyback on the federal excise tax on cannabis by increasing the excise tax to CAD1, of which CAD0.75 would go to the provincial government, as in all other provinces, press reports. If passed, the social responsibility tax would be eliminated from 1st January 2023.

29th November 2022 - Brazil, South America |

Brazil: The National Public Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has authorised Canabidiol Ease Labs 100 mg/ml to be manufactured in Brazil in the form of a solution for oral use. The agency has already approved 23 cannabis-derived products.

29th November 2022 - Europe |

EU: EU negotiators hope to reach a compromise on the new Battery Regulation during a final session on 9th December, media reports. The new regulation seeks to regulate the whole life cycle of batteries, from design to disposal, repealing the current EU Batteries Directive. It would cover a wide range of industrial and portable batteries, potentially including those in cannabinoid vaping devices. However, it will provide only a general framework, leaving details to be provided in secondary EU legislation, such as delegated and implementing acts around 32 of which are expected to complement the Battery Regulation.

28th November 2022 - Europe, Germany |
Germany: The federal government has introduced the Disposable Plastic Fund Bill, in which manufacturers of single-use plastic must pay an annual fee into a central fund administered by the Federal Environment Agency. The fee will depend on the quantity of single-use plastic products made available. CBD vaping devices that use single-use plastic may be affected. If approved, the first fee payment is due in 2025.
28th November 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued clarifications of the rules regulating the manufacturing of cannabis-based medicinal products. Among others, it specified that at the moment of application, companies should have all necessary systems, equipment, and procedures in place and that all qualification and validation of the facility and equipment should be complete up to the point of at least operational qualification (OQ).
28th November 2022 - Chile, South America |
Chile: During the discussion in the Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies about Bill 12632-11, which seeks to bring all vaping products in line with tobacco legislation, concerns over whether the bill should regulate cannabis-containing vaping products were raised, press reports. MP Eric Aedo advocated for the inclusion of cannabis vaping products in the bill, while the undersecretary of public health, Cristóbal Cuadrado, questioned whether their use in closed spaces should be addressed in the bill.
28th November 2022 - Europe, Germany |
Germany: After receiving no response from the European Commission on the proposal to legalise recreational cannabis, members of the parliament from the coalition government parties – the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Greens and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) – have asked health minister Karl Lauterbach to draw up a draft law. According to a joint statement from the three parties, "Waiting for the EU and remaining inactive is not an option".
28th November 2022 - Canada, North America |
Canada: Health Canada has announced the members of its expert panel that will lead the mandatory review of the Cannabis Act to "provide independent, expert advice to both ministers on progress made towards achieving the Act's objectives and help identify potential areas for improving the functioning of the legislation". The panel of five will be chaired by Morris Rosenberg, who has been in various departments in the Canadian government for more than 30 years. Health Canada must submit a report on the review to both houses of Parliament within 18 months of the review beginning.
25th November 2022 - Europe, Malta |
Malta: Parliamentary secretary Rebecca Buttigieg said yesterday that the Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC) will be in a position to start accepting applications for cannabis club licences by February 2023, press reports. These cannabis clubs will be allowed to grow cannabis and distribute it to members. However, skepticism has appeared over whether these cannabis clubs will ever be set up following the appointment of former director of Caritas Malta, Leonid McKay, as head of the ARUC.
24th November 2022 - Europe, Ireland |

Ireland: Dáil (parliament) member Gino Kenny of the left-wing People Before Profit / Solidarity party today introduced the Misuse of Drugs (Regulation of Cannabis) Bill. If passed, it will mean the possession of up to 7 g of cannabis or 2.5 g of cannabis resin for personal use by anyone aged 18 or over will no longer be a criminal offence.

24th November 2022 - Europe, Lithuania |

Lithuania: The parliamentary Rural Affairs Committee has approved Bill XIVP-2059 , which would allow the growing of hemp varieties with up to 0.3% THC from 1st January. The THC content in hemp-derived finished products must still not exceed 0.2%. The bill will be voted on by the full parliament in the next few weeks.

24th November 2022 - Europe, Spain |

Spain: The Ministry of Health has confirmed in answer to a parliamentary question, which was published on Monday, that the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) could have the medical cannabis regulation ready by next month, meeting the six-month deadline set by the Subcommittee on Medical Cannabis. The regulation will allow the medical use of cannabis for patients suffering from epilepsy or from cancer-related pain.

24th November 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: The Ministry of Public Health has published restrictions on cannabis, effective immediately. The announcement restates some rules that were already in place, such as prohibiting cannabis sales to under-20s and to pregnant women, but also adds new restrictions. It prohibits the sale of cannabis for on-site consumption unless by a medical practitioner, as well as banning online and vending-machine sales, and advertisements for cannabis flower.

23rd November 2022 - Europe, Lithuania |

Lithuania: The parliamentary Law and Order Committee has approved bills XIVP-1766, amending the Code of Administrative Offences, and XIVP-1767, which will be discussed in the Seimas (parliament) in the coming weeks. Both seek to decriminalise the possession of “small quantities” of cannabis, which would otherwise be punishable by a fine of between €30 and €250. The amount to be considered as “small” would remain to be determined by an order from the minister of health.

23rd November 2022 - Europe, Netherlands |

Netherlands: The European Court of Justice has ruled that a Russian cancer patient currently being treated in the Netherlands cannot be deported because he uses medicinal cannabis, which is illegal in Russia. The person submitted several asylum applications in the Netherlands, the last of which was rejected in 2020. Following this a return decision was issued, denying him the right to remain in the Netherlands. He appealed to the District Court of The Hague, which referred the question to the European court.

23rd November 2022 - Colombia, South America |

Colombia: The Senate has approved Bill 002/2022 on recreational cannabis on its first vote. The bill, which aims to amend the constitution to legalise recreational cannabis, has already been approved on first and second vote by the Chamber of Representatives, in September and October. It was introduced by members of the centre-left Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Colombiano), part of the ruling coalition, along with representatives from the Historic Pact (Pacto Histórico) and Radical Change (Cambio Radical) parties.

US - Rhode Island: Governor Dan McKee stated yesterday that recreational cannabis sales will begin next week. The Department of Business Regulation’s Office of Cannabis Regulation has approved five medical cannabis dispensaries to begin selling recreational cannabis on 1st December.

23rd November 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: Amid calls by some groups and politicians to place cannabis back on Thailand’s narcotics list, public health minister Anutin Charnvirakul dismissed the possibility of rescheduling cannabis and urged support for the Cannabis and Hemp Bill that is currently under consideration in Parliament, press reports.

23rd November 2022 - Europe, Romania |

Romania: The Chamber of Deputies was today debating the regulation of medical cannabis, press reports. In a conference organised by the Health Committee, some doctors and representatives of medical associations highlighted the benefits of medical cannabis. However, no agreement was reached to unblock a bill on medical cannabis that was introduced in 2019, or to introduce a new one.

23rd November 2022 - Asia, India |

India: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) yesterday published a clarification, dated 10th November, informing Food Business Operators (FBO) that hemp seeds and their products are allowed on e-commerce websites subject to FSSAI licensing having been standardised in November 2021.

23rd November 2022 - Central America, Costa Rica |

Costa Rica: The Judicial Investigation Agency has announced its opposition to a bill – put forward by president Rodrigo Chaves – to legalise cannabis for recreational use, press reports. The agency, part of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, said legalising recreational consumption would cause more harm than good and could lead to the consumption of stronger drugs. The bill is currently under consideration by the Legislative Assembly Environment Committee.

23rd November 2022 - Czech Republic, Europe |

Czech Republic: The Government Council for the Coordination of Addiction Policy yesterday approved the Report on Illegal Drugs in the Czech Republic in 2022, media reports. National coordinator for drug policy Jindřich Vobořil told a meeting chaired by prime minister Petr Fiala that “long-term trends show the need for a different control system for addictive and psychotropic substances. For less risky substances such as cannabis, we tend to go down the path of decriminalisation and strictly controlled availability.”

22nd November 2022 - North America, United States |

US - Federal: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent warning letters to five companies for selling edible CBD products because CBD is an unapproved food additive. While FDA warning letters have previously been aimed at CBD products that make health claims, this batch goes further to target products “that people may confuse for traditional foods or beverages which may result in unintentional consumption or overconsumption of CBD”, particularly if the FDA considers them appealing to minors. One warning letter neither says the company made health claims nor made products appealing to minors, but rather that the “products are in a form (herbal tea or beverage) that consumers may confuse with traditional foods”.

22nd November 2022 - North America, Oregon, United States |

US - Oregon: Governor Kate Brown has announced that she is issuing pardons for certain convictions for simple possession of cannabis prior to the state’s legalisation of recreational cannabis. It is estimated that the pardons will affect around 45,000 people and forgive more than $14m in fees and fines.

22nd November 2022 - New York, North America, United States |

US - New York: Companion bills A 9282 and S 8496 have been approved by the State Legislature and sent to the governor for final approval. The bills would require the state agricultural commissioner to “consult and cooperate with” a hemp workgroup and hemp industry representatives over business development and promotion of the hemp industry.

22nd November 2022 - New York, North America, United States |

US - New York: The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) yesterday approved its first recreational cannabis dispensary licences. The Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licences were approved for 36 applicants, 28 of whose owners or owners’ families were previously convicted of cannabis offences, and eight of which are nonprofit organisations. The CCB also voted to advance recreational cannabis proposed regulations to a 60-day public comment period and a separate set of packaging, labelling, advertising, and marketing regulations to a 45-day public comment period. Comments can be emailed to

22nd November 2022 - Europe, France |

French Polynesia: With 33 votes and 20 abstentions, the Assembly has approved a law legalising the medical and industrial use of cannabis. Cultivation of hemp with up to 0.3% THC will be allowed for the production of non-ingestible products, and cultivation with higher amounts of THC will be allowed for the manufacture of medicines.

21st November 2022 - Africa, Morocco |
Morocco: Mohammed El Guerrouj, director general of the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis Activities, made his first media appearance, announcing that "the agency is currently aiming at developing a traceability system to improve tracking and monitoring of cannabis use and limit illegal activities". He stated that this will be achieved through the launch of a digital platform for issuing licences, which will facilitate tracking the entire process, from cultivation to manufacturing to import to export.
21st November 2022 - Europe, France |
France: The Senate has approved a resolution on hemp sector economic development and hemp-derived product regulation. Among other things, the Senate is calling on the government to support research on the hemp and CBD sectors, develop uniform and standardised procedures to test CBD concentration, and define a non-binding acceptable daily intake of CBD.
21st November 2022 - Asia, Malaysia |
Malaysia: None of the three main coalitions in Malaysia got the amount of votes needed to hold a simple majority of seats in Parliament after the 19th November parliamentary election results, leading to extreme uncertainty over the formation of the next government. Khairy Jamaluddin, former minister of health, has already accepted his electoral loss, as he is highly unlikely to continue as minister of health given that his party's coalition only won 30 of the 222 total seats in Parliament. Khairy, keen to learn from Thailand's policies on cannabis, stated in July 2022 that he would announce a framework for the registration of CBD-containing medicinal products, though he never did.
21st November 2022 - Iowa, North America, United States |
US - Iowa: Iowa’s Medical Cannabidiol Board will recommend to the state legislature that it exempt medical cannabis sales from the state's sales tax and allow legal medical cannabis businesses to deduct business expenses in their state tax filings, press reports. The board will also recommend a study on telehealth prescriptions and potentially adding restrictions to them.
21st November 2022 - North America, United States |
US - Federal: President Joe Biden will sign into law the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act (HR 8454), which was passed by Congress last week, press reports. Ostensibly, the bill is intended to increase research into cannabis and CBD by eliminating regulatory barriers to research. However, some in the industry fear that the bill would actually create more barriers in many cases. For example, the bill would appear to require Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration to research CBD, whereas current law does not require DEA registration for researching hemp-derived CBD since it is not a controlled substance. HR 8454 would also allow doctors to freely discuss the "potential harms and benefits" of medical cannabis with patients without fear of running afoul of the federal Controlled Substances Act.
21st November 2022 - Colombia, South America |
Colombia: The government has announced that it is creating a special drug department. During a seminar on cannabis, the minister of justice and law said that the department would deal with drug production, use, and commercialisation matters such as agriculture, trade, and public health. He also said that the Ministry of Health is working alongside the Ministry of Agriculture to ease the cannabis production licensing process.
18th November 2022 - Paraguay, South America |
Paraguay: A group of senators of the Guasú Front (Frente Guasú), part of the opposition coalition, presented a bill yesterday (17th November) to regulate cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis for medicinal purposes and to declare it of national interest. Paraguay already has a regulatory framework for medicinal cannabis, although it has also been argued that its implementation faces obstacles that make it difficult for patients to access medicinal cannabis.
18th November 2022 - Brazil, South America |
Brazil: The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has authorised the importation of CBD flowers for medical purposes by an individual, press reports. It is the first time that the agency has authorised the importation of raw cannabis.
18th November 2022 - Missouri, North America, United States |
US - Missouri: The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has released draft rules to regulate recreational cannabis in response to the voter-passed initiative to legalise cannabis in the state. The draft rules are open for public comment until 25th November. Although the draft rules exclude hemp from the definition of "marijuana", broad language used in the rules might implicate hemp-derived THC, as one draft rule states that THC in products could only come from a licensed marijuana cultivator and bans the sale of products that contain "chemical modification, conversion, or synthetic derivation of intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol isomers, including delta8, delta-9, and delta-10".
17th November 2022 - Europe, Sweden |
EU: The Swedish Medical Products Agency (SMPA), the representative for Sweden in the Working Group on Cosmetic Products of the European Commission (EC), told CannIntelligence that a meeting of the working group took place on 8th November 2022. According to the same source, the EC was expected to present a revised paper encompassing all the feedback provided by member states on a previous draft non-paper that examined the potential consequences of the Kanavape case on the cosmetics sector. However, the SMPA said that the EC did not present the revised paper, and that “it is still under process”.
17th November 2022 - Europe, Italy |
Italy: Bill 168, which aims to ban the recreational use of hemp flowers, was assigned to the competent committee of the Senate. The bill was presented by senator Maurizio Gasparri of Forza Italia, part of the ruling coalition. Though the proposal is unlikely to be approved, it could demonstrate the new government’s approach towards the sector.
17th November 2022 - North America, United States |
US - Federal: The Senate passed the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act (HR 8454), and the bill now moves to the president's desk for final approval. Ostensibly, the bill is intended to increase research into cannabis and CBD by eliminating regulatory barriers to research. However, some in the industry fear that the bill would actually create more barriers in many cases. For example, the bill would appear to require Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration to research CBD, whereas current law does not require DEA registration for researching hemp-derived CBD since it is not a controlled substance. HR 8454 would also allow doctors to freely discuss the "potential harms and benefits" of medical cannabis with patients without fear of running afoul of the federal Controlled Substances Act.
17th November 2022 - Europe, Germany |
Germany: Bavaria's health minister, Klaus Holetschek, advocated in Brussels for the European Commission to object to Germany's recreational cannabis legalisation planlocal media reports. Holetschek claimed that it goes against international conventions and the EU framework for EU members to manufacture, sell or distribute narcotic drugs, such as cannabis, for recreational purposes. He added that "Bavaria is strictly against the legalisation of cannabis and will also pull out all the stops at the federal level to prevent the law from getting that far".
16th November 2022 - Kentucky, North America, United States |

US - Kentucky: Governor Andy Beshear has issued two executive orders, one which allows for the possession of cannabis for medical purposes under certain conditions and another which regulates hemp-derived delta-8 THC products. The medical cannabis order grants pardons to anyone possessing cannabis after 1st January 2023 who demonstrates that a doctor has recommended it for a specified condition and that it was obtained legally in another state, among other conditions. The delta-8 THC order makes clear that “Delta-8 is not a controlled substance under either Kentucky law or federal law”, and applies the requirements of 902 KAR 45:190, which includes packaging and labelling requirements for hemp-derived products, to delta-8 products.