Medical cannabis retail price tracker trial version and tutorial

This interactive and user-friendly dashboard showcases data for medical cannabis flower and oil products across four of the main medical cannabis markets – Australia, Germany, Israel, and the UK. Understand trends in general retail pricing of medical cannabis flower and oils, broken down by country, brand, and THC levels.

You can now trial the interactive medical cannabis retail price tracker below.



Reasons to buy

  • Track retail pricing trends within the medical cannabis industry
  • Compare the evolution of pricing across four of the major markets
  • Drill down into specific brands and see how their products are being priced to end consumers
  • Find opportunities to enhance your business and competitiveness
  • Quarterly data updated starting from Q2 2023
  • Receive categorised, clean data for the most recent quarter in order to pursue in-house analysis.

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The new and exclusive CannIntelligence medical cannabis retail pricing tracker provides comparative insights to professionals operating within the various areas of the medical cannabis sector. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, investor or seeking the best way to develop your brand, this tracker will enable you to plan your strategy with confidence.

Update rate Quarterly: data gathered in the last month of each quarter
Archive analysis period Quarterly from Q2 2023
Markets covered Australia, Germany, Israel, the UK
Data sources Online: websites varying for each market, consisting of pharmacies, consumer-led reporting websites, and government-supported websites
Data-points analysed (all tracked quarters) c.5,500
Individual products for which cleaned raw data is available each quarter c.3,000
Categories analysed
  • Price per g for flower and per ml for oils
  • Price by THC level
  • Price per brand
  • Product count
Data splits Country, brand, THC-level

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Trial dashboard

The visualisation below is a trial version and does not provide real analysis for any country.

Dashboard description

Users are able to navigate through the two tabs in the dashboard:


Medical flower tab

This tab contains four interactive charts. The top left chart shows a quarterly line graph evolution of the general retail price of medical cannabis flower in the four highlighted markets. The top right chart shows a breakdown of the data into five different THC levels and within each group, there are price comparisons from the last two quarters.

The bottom two tables look at the average retail price by brand, in USD and in the local currency. The country can be selected with the filter in the middle of the two charts. When a data point is clicked on in the bottom left chart, another graph will appear below showing the price of the selected quarter and brand in all markets where the brand is present. Clicking on the data point selected a second time will remove the brand price comparison across the countries graph.


Medical oils tab

The second tab is a repeat of the first tab, but this time only considers products that are medical cannabis oils. The same interactions are possible with this tab.


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