A new service from the team that produces CBD-Intel is now available, covering the global tobacco and nicotine alternatives sector, including heated tobacco (heat-not-burn) and snus.

TobaccoIntelligence will include comprehensive market and legal analysis as well as a regular news service for this fast-growing part of the tobacco industry.

Along with heated tobacco and snus, it will also cover the full spectrum of reduced-risk and alternative products, ranging from nicotine toothpicks to next-generation developments.

“Six years of covering the vapour industry for ECigIntelligence, and experience gained with CBD-Intel, have shown us that stakeholders in every part of the sector – be they brands, suppliers, retailers or regulators – really benefit from knowledge and insight that is both in-depth and impartial,” said Barnaby Page, editorial director of TobaccoIntelligence.

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    “Now we felt the time is right to do the same thing for other innovative areas. Heated tobacco in particular has moved from being an intriguing niche product into a large category in its own right.

    “The basic market and regulatory issues are often similar to those in vapour, but the details can be very different, so we believe this sector deserves a fully-fledged intelligence service of its own.”

    Like CBD-Intel, TobaccoIntelligence is based on a paid subscription model. Please register here to enjoy a free one-week trial and discover our independent analytical resource for the tobacco-alternatives sector.

    For more information about pricing, please email Judit Bach: judit@tobaccointelligence.com.

    Tamarind Media, publisher of CBD-Intel, ECigIntelligence and TobaccoIntelligence, employs around 30 staff dedicated to covering these sectors, including journalists, market analysts and lawyers, and also draws on a large team of correspondents around the world.

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    This article was written by one of CannIntelligence’s international correspondents. We currently employ more than 40 reporters around the world to cover individual cannabis and cannabinoid markets. For a full list, please see our Who We Are page.