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14th November 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |
New Zealand: Four dried cannabis flowers for inhalation via a vaporiser were verified last week by the Medical Cannabis Agency as meeting the minimum quality standard required for them to be supplied in New Zealand.
4th November 2022 - Australasia, Australia |
Australia: The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has fined two medical cannabis companies for alleged unlawful advertising of unregistered medicinal cannabis products on their websites. According to the TGA, the advertisements included references to serious diseases or conditions, including cancer and epilepsy. Advertising prescription medicines to consumers is prohibited in Australia. The advertising of such products is only permitted to health professionals. The two companies have been fined AUD106,560 ($68,700) and AUD133,200 ($85,900), respectively.
11th October 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: The Victorian Greens party has announced a plan to legalise and regulate the sale and consumption of recreational cannabis in the state of Victoria from 2024, with a 30% tax on cannabis sales which the Parliamentary Budget Office estimates could raise over AUD1.21bn. The Victorian Greens, who currently have three seats in the 88-seat Legislative Assembly (Victoria’s lower chamber), believe legalisation would help fight the black market.

10th October 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |
New Zealand: After the government-supporting Green Party urged the government to decriminalise cannabis, following US president Joe Biden's announcement to pardon all federal offences for simple cannabis possession, press reports that justice minister Kiri Allan said New Zealand's current system was fit for purpose and will not follow US plans.
7th October 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |
New Zealand: The left-wing and government-supporting Green Party urged the Labour government to decriminalise cannabis after US president Joe Biden announced to pardon all federal offences for simple possession of cannabis, press reports. Green Party drug reform spokesperson Chlöe Swarbrick said:  “It’s time for Labour to walk their talk and decriminalise as a step towards sensible drug regulation.”
28th September 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: The Greens party intends to introduce a bill to legalise recreational cannabis, press reports. The party is currently drafting the bill, which it expects to introduce before the end of the year. Though the Greens have just four seats in the 151-seat House of Representatives and 12 in the 76-seat Senate, the bill is expected to have the support of other parties.

13th September 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |

New Zealand: Two CBD liquids for oral use, Helius CBD25 Full Spectrum and Helius CBD100 Full Spectrum, have been verified by the Medical Cannabis Agency as meeting the minimum quality standard required for them to be supplied in New Zealand.

11th August 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: Members of Western Australia’s state parliament are planning to introduce a bill to allow possession of up to 50 g of cannabis and the growing of up to four plants at home, press reports. Brian Walker and Sophia Moermond of the Legalise Cannabis WA party are working on a draft that could be made public in the next three months. It would then be subject to public consultation and possible revision. They expect the revised version of the bill to be introduced in the upper house, the Legislative Council, in the second half of 2023. Walker expects public support for the bill, but said it may face a difficult passage since the state government has already said it has no plans to legalise cannabis.

10th August 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |

New Zealand: After criticism from the industry for being too restrictive, the Health Ministry has said it will review the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme and release a consultation document later this month, press reports. The scheme came into operation in 2020, intended to improve patients’ access to quality medicinal cannabis.

18th July 2022 - Australasia, Fiji |

Fiji: Economy minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has announced the government’s intention of amending the 2004 Illicit Drugs Control Act to allow hemp with a THC concentration of up to 1%, press reports. The plan includes importing hemp seeds from Canada until Fifi can produce its own seeds and establish a hemp export industry.

29th June 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |

New Zealand: A second new medical cannabis flower from MW Pharma Limited, trading as NUBU Pharmaceuticals, has been approved by the Ministry of Health. The product, which contains 200 mg/g (20%) THC, is intended to be inhaled via a vaporiser.

21st June 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: The pressure group Legalise Cannabis WA is urging state regulation to allow possession of up to 50 g of dried cannabis and the growing of up to four plants per household for recreational use, press reports. However, Western Australia’s premier Mark McGowan responded: “Having freely available cannabis is not our policy.” He said the Labor Party would use its control of both state houses to block a bill if it is put forward.

16th June 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: The New South Wales Legislative Council is conducting an inquiry into a bill introduced by the Greens to allow medical cannabis patients to drive, press reports. Council member Cate Faehrmann, who introduced the bill, tweeted: Our driving laws need to change. Medicinal cannabis is legal but patients are still charged for driving with the mere presence of THC in their system even if they are not impaired.” The state government’s position is unlikely to change, however, as they claim that “there is evidence that medicinal THC users can be impaired for a period of time”. The results of the inquiry will be presented to the Legislative Council in early August.

27th May 2022 - Australasia, Australia |
Australia: A motion to decriminalise the possession of recreational cannabis introduced by the Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party (LCWA) has been rejected by the ruling Labor Party, press reports. The motion would have allowed self-cultivation of up to two plants and possession of around 20 g of cannabis without penalty. Although the Labor Party decriminalised personal consumption of cannabis back in 2004, the Liberals later criminalised it. A Labor Party spokesperson from the government told the press that they "have no plans to legalise recreational cannabis".
26th May 2022 - Australasia, Australia |
Australia: The Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA) has published a road map on the opportunities for the cannabis sector in the country. The document is a result of research conducted by the MCIA for the Victorian government Department of Jobs, Precincts, and Regions (DJPR), and it analyses the impact of the Victorian government’s Medical Cannabis Industry Development Plan (IDP). It sums up the current challenges and opportunities for growth of the sector.
24th May 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: In a change of government, following the weekend’s federal election, Anthony Albanese is Australia’s new prime minister. His Labor Party now has 75 out of 151 seats in the House of Representatives and 26 out of 76 in the Senate. The party, which has historically been supportive of medical cannabis, said in its election manifesto: “Labor supports the use of medical cannabis regulated at the federal level, but considers the legalisation of recreational cannabis as a matter for state and territory jurisdictions.” The Legalise Cannabis party achieved remarkable success in the Senate election, with between 2% and 7% of the vote in most states and the Northern Territory amid a reported “surge in cannabis consumption in Australia”.

19th May 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |
New Zealand: Three new medical cannabis oral products from Cannasouth Bioscience Ltd have received approval from the Health Ministry. All of them are full-spectrum extracts that combine THC and CBD.
14th April 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |

New Zealand: Two new medicinal cannabis flower products have received approval from the Health Ministry. One of them, Nubu Pharmaceuticals’ Kikuya Dune, is the first dried cannabis flower product approved for inhalation via a vaporiser. The products are available only on prescription.

8th April 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |
New Zealand: Agriculture minister Damien O'Connor announced a government grant of NZD13m ($8.9m) to a medicinal cannabis company. The goal is to expand access to local and organically grown medicinal cannabis and to fast-track the establishment of the medicinal cannabis industry in the country.
17th March 2022 - Australasia, Australia |
Australia: The Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) refuses to grant pets access to medical cannabis, press reports. The TGA  decision follows a letter submitted by a veterinary centre (eCS Vet)  that requested an amendment of the Poisons Standard so medical cannabis can be also prescribed for animal use. TGA in turn said that “the risks and toxicity of cannabinoid substances outweigh the potential benefit”.
17th March 2022 - Australasia, Australia |
Australia: Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)  president John Skerritt has said in an interview that products containing delta-8 THC are not legal in the country, press reports. Skerritt argued that the compound can be found naturally only in tiny amounts and it is illegal because it is chemically manufactured. He added that products containing delta-8 THC may be considered prohibited substances.
2nd March 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |
New Zealand: Three cannabis flower products from the Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) received approval from the Health Ministry. ANTG is the first company able to sell medicinal cannabis flowers in New Zealand. The products are available only with a prescription and can be consumed only in the form of a tea.
25th February 2022 - Australasia, Australia |
Australia: The state of Victoria has announced an amendment to its schedule system that will allow doctors to prescribe cannabis without prior state authorisation, press reports. The change will facilitate patient access to cannabis. The amendment will come into effect on Monday 28th February.
21st February 2022 - Australasia, Fiji |

Fiji: The island nation of Fiji is undertaking the first steps toward establishing hemp regulations, media reports. Officials have reportedly been in communication with the UN Office for Drugs and Crimes and could soon begin a public consultation.