It looks like a clean sweep for pro-cannabis referendums in US states.

Voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota approved ballot initiatives to legalise recreational adult-use cannabis while those in South Dakota also separately approved a medical cannabis measure. Voters in Mississippi also approved one of two potential medical cannabis plans – with Mississippians choosing the more expansive option despite confusing ballot language.

Beyond this, Oregon and Washington DC passed psilocybin measures, with the nation’s capitol decriminalising psilocybin and Oregon approving the establishment of a programme for psychedelic treatment using the substance (as well as a measure to decriminalise possession of all drugs).

Altogether the measures would appear to indicate a continued softening of attitudes towards cannabis with traditionally conservative areas starting to join the cannabis liberalisation movement.

There are now 15 states, plus Washington DC, that allow adult-use cannabis and 37 states, plus Washington DC, that allow medical cannabis.

But much work will still need to be done with state legislatures having to design and pass regulatory structures for each measure – leading to some potential stumbling blocks.

Overall, however, it represents a significant move forward for cannabis in the US that will likely have a large impact on the overall market.

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