First results published of Zurich pilot project for sale of non-medical cannabis…

18th March 2024 - Alerts | Europe, Switzerland |

Transitional phase of closed coffee shop chain experiment starts in June…

18th March 2024 - Alerts | Europe, Netherlands |

Product alert bans sales of e-cig containing cannibinoids…

28th November 2023 - Alerts | Europe, Germany |

EMCDDA launches interactive module on illicit EU cannabis market…

16th November 2023 - Alerts | Europe |

Companies fined for promoting medicinal effects of CBD cosmetics…

15th September 2023 - Alerts | Europe, Iceland |

Many high street CBD products must be removed from sale, research shows

12th April 2022 - Press releases , Resources |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Many high street CBD products must be removed from sale, research shows The majority of CBD oral products now on the UK market will have to be removed from sale, significantly affecting many retailers and consumers, new analysis from CBD-Intel suggests. CBD-Intel compared the recent Food Standards Agency (FSA) list of oral CBD products which are allowed » Continue Reading.

How fast is the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) novel food application validation process moving?

22nd April 2021 - Blogs |

It does not look like good news. The only two companies (controlling three brands that contain 23 individually listed products) included in the initial list of validated applications both say they submitted their applications to the FSA in early January. Both also are at least partly based on synthetic CBD ingredients that have successfully navigated EU novel food application initial » Continue Reading.

Is delta-8 THC really the next big thing?

14th April 2021 - Blogs |

From a consumer/market perspective, it certainly looks like delta-8 THC is the most promising minor cannabinoid. It has quickly overtaken others such as CBG and CBN in terms of general awareness and – anecdotally – in terms of interest from companies and consumers alike. The appeal appears to be that it acts as a “lighter” version of delta-9 THC – the more typical psychoactive element » Continue Reading.