Who is the cannabis health product consumer? New study reveals all


Women and the under-35s are most likely to try CBD (cannabidiol) products, according to a new survey of British consumers.

The dominant profile of a consumer who is aware of CBD, or who has used it, is an ethically minded, price-conscious, early adopter who identifies with a healthy lifestyle, which influences their purchasing habits.

The research by CBD-Intel also revealed that this typical consumer is concerned with aspects of their health, and does not closely associate CBD with marijuana.

Women are more likely to have tried CBD than men, according to the analysts at CBD-Intel, who audited the choices and behaviours of 1000 survey respondents.

Even consumers who haven’t tried CBD have a positive view of it, and are likely to think of it in the context of medicinal applications.

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    Clues for product development

    “This survey is the first in a series of studies from CBD-Intel looking at CBD consumer choices and behaviours,” said Freddie Dawson, head of content at CBD-Intel. “The results, while not indicative of the UK population as a whole, prove fascinating reading and will deliver valuable insights to stakeholders in the CBD as well as medical cannabis industries.

    “For example, a high proportion of consumers who have yet to try CBD do not perceive it as a wellness product, which indicates that there are a number of potential gaps in the market. Developers of new products should be aware of these trends when strategising.”

    The new report is available to subscribers at www.cbd-intel.com. It is also available for purchase as a standalone product. Interested parties should contact info@cannintelligence.com for more details on subscription plans and pricing.


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