At a meeting of CBD entrepreneurs in a Parisian barge, anger was growing and minds vacillated between indignation and hope.

Facing many specialists gathered by the non-profit organisation NORML France, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, questions came thick and fast.

“Are flowers legal?” asks a curious investor.

“What are the legal risks? How many hours can we spend in custody?” interjects a young businessman looking, worried.

“All my products have been seized. Do they have the right to do that? What do I do now?” asks a visibly stressed shop owner whose business has been closed down.

For the last few months, the boom in CBD shops in France has in turn led to severe repercussions from some judges and prosecutors – although only some shops have landed in legal difficulties.

This is explained by the absence of clear regulation on the topic, even though the government apparently aims to ban all CBD shops from France.

But despite the difficulties they face, giving up is out of the question for the event participants.


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